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Dismissals start in St. Petersburg

According to "Fontanka", heads of police departments have got new task - to reduce quantity of policemen in the city. Figures vary widely around the city. Thus, in Nevsky district 38 people will be dismissed, in Kalininsky - 98, in Central - 90, in Primorsky - 119, in Krasnoselsky - just 7.

The quantity of dismissed depends on crime rate in each district of the city. Police managers have calculated how many crimes fall at one police department employee. Then they compared these figures to average indexes in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. If the district rate prevails the average figure, the reduction will be less. And vice versa.

It turned out that the average quantity of crimes that falls at one employee in St. Petersburg amounts to 5.66, in the Leningrad region - to 5.74.

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